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 The Center for Research and Social Action (CIAS) is a Jesuit organization in Argentina dedicated to social research and leadership training. Our institution has over 60 years’ experience and is known for its researchers and professors trained at the best universities in the world.
Throughout its long history, the CIAS and the Jesuits have shown their ability to inspire positive leaders.

  • We understand politics as action to transform reality.
  • We believe that positive leaders can and should be trained to serve society.
  • We want a State that contributes to the development of everyone, especially the most disadvantaged.
  • We affirm the importance of forming political communities that will support and sustain our leaders.
  • We carry out high quality research on issues of priority for the political and economic development of Latin America in general and Argentina in particular.


Av. Callao 542 CABA
+54 11 3754 0810